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XIAOMI | What’s in my bag?

Sponsored by Xiaomi U.K., Made In London secured six fashion and lifestyle influencers to participate in the #whatsinmybag campaign.

The latest tech product, the Mi11 Lite 5G smartphone from Xiaomi was seeded well via organic and up-to-the-minute videos, attracting plenty of attention from fashion lovers across TikTok and Instagram.

Apart from introducing daily essentials and fashion hauls in their luxury bags, the influencers emphasized the remarkable features of the smartphone naturally, such as its eye-catching colors, its hi-spec camera and light weight. This format allows products to make the greatest impact in a relatable, engaging and inspiring way.

Director: Eric Cui

Project Manager: Cherie Jiang

PR: Tammy Zhang

Graphic Designer: Yan Li

BTS: Doris Lu

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