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XIAOMI Mi Fan Festival Livestreaming

To embrace the annual Mi Fan Festival, we had six fabulously unique influencers on six livestreams broadcasting for six hours talking about Xiaomi's products one after the other.

Influencers connected the brand with their massive young audiences. Generating high-value leads through their authenticity, over 15,000 viewers engaged with this cool event. They discovered new product features and placed orders via exclusive discounts.

As lockdown eases and London reopens, brands have started to reach their customers online in more interactive and ingenious ways. Livestream e-commerce will see a boost driven by a younger generation. This coupled with a solid business strategy, will see this new way of shopping thrive in the U.K.

Director: Eric Cui

Project Manager: Cherie Jiang

PR: Tammy Zhang

Graphic Designer: Yan Li

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