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Postpone Valentine’s Day

The film is specially made for the British Airways’ 2018 Valentine’s Day online campagin. Made In London took the idea of postponing the Valentine’s day as an entry point, and the short film captured the love stories about two different couples who were living in London but could’t spend Valentine’s Day together.

Producer: Ange zhao, Eric Cui, Zhe Zhang

Executive producer: Kloe Mchugh, Angella Davenport, Winni Lyu

Director: Dave Depares

DOP: Colm O'rouke

1st Assistant: Balan Evans

2nd Assistant: Jonathon Boyd

Soundman: Rory Cargill

Gaffer: Yan Murawski

Stylist: Xiaosu Feng

Actors: Fairy He, Patrick Bell, Kiran Weston,Adam Roberts

Special thanks to: Drivers: Gao, Jecky Heathrow Airport Chapter Apartment Way Out Concept Store


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